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How to Choose Beauty Makeup


In this article, we attempt to answer the question: How to choose beauty makeup. It’s intimidating to think there are “right” and “wrong” makeup colors for you. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to choose the right beauty makeup colors for your skin tone and lifestyle. Don’t just go to the store and shop on a whim. Put some thought into what you’re looking for ahead of time so you won’t get distracted by all the gorgeous sheens, vibrant colors, and trendy shades that line the aisles of the drugstores and parade across the department shop counters.

  1. Take a Look at Your Coloring
  2. Experimenting with Color
  3. Shop Beauty Makeup Products for Your Outside and Your Inside
  4. Work with Your Style
  5. Choose a Feature to Play Up
  6. Take a Look at Your Coloring
  1. Foundation
    Cool undertones (blue or pink) look best with similar toned foundation. The same is true with golden or olive undertones. When you wear warm shades on cool skin tones or vice-versa, you run the risk of looking too ruddy, pale, or sallow. Swipe a few shades along your jawbone and see which one blends into the skin without any tell-tale signs of a different undertone, gray cast (from being too light)), or orange (too dark).

Eye_color / Eye Shadow
For eye color, the opposite is true; instead of trying to match the color of your eyes with your eye beauty makeup, look at the color wheel and go for opposites.

  1. Experimenting with Color

It never hurts to have a basic, go-to set of colors you can use without putting that much thought into it, but study the trends each season and see which ones apply to your coloring or style. If none of them seem to be a good fit, use them as inspiration for tweaking your current routine into something just a little different. Busse suggests, “Definitely try something different. If you’re in a rut, it’s probably time to change; you might be pleasantly surprised with the results. But – it is true that once you find a set of colors that complements your skin and your eye color, you’re going find that these are your go-to shades.”

If you’re not incredibly experimental, you may not want to shop a whole palette full of bright or opaque metallic shades because there are better ways you could spend your money. A bright or bold liner in something other than black or brown, however, doesn’t cost a lot and it’s an easy way to shake up your routine without making yourself feel too out of your element and self-conscious. Liner is subtle, but it can make an impact on your overall look.

  1. Shop Beauty Makeup Products for Your Outside and Your Inside

When choosing makeup colors, take a look not just at what you look like on the outside, but the clothes you feel compelled to wear and your personality as a whole. That’s not to say that if you’re a quiet person who wears pastels that you shouldn’t have at least one bright purple or green in your stash, but unless you’d like to accumulate quite a collection, it’s best to take a step back, think about what you’ll really wear most days, and make your shopping accordingly.

  1. Work with Your Style

Be realistic about what makes you feel comfortable, not what you think looks good on other people. If you don’t have or don’t want to take the time to apply a full face everyday, you can get away with grooming your eyebrows, applying a bit of concealer where needed, mascara and lip color. If you have the time and it is in your routine, you can play with color depending on what you wear, where you are going and of course your personality. For instance, if you are going out and you are wearing black, try a smoky eye and a light lip – or in reverse, a light eye and a strong lip.”

If your overall look is minimal, you’re not going to want to pair a whole glamorous face with a bold lip and defined eye beauty makeup, or heavy shadow and a pale gloss. It won’t meld in as part of your morning schedule, and you may feel that it doesn’t even complement your wardrobe.

  1. Choose a Feature to Play Up

When you’re choosing makeup products colors, you don’t want to choose vibrant colors for every area of your face. What do you love about your features? Do you have big, exotic eyes? Luscious lips? Great cheekbones? Choose one and gravitate toward the more colorful options in that type of beauty makeup products (blush, shadow, or lipstick, for example). Keep the other areas of your face more subdued.

Tips for playing up specific features include:

Lips: Use sheer finishes on your eyes if you want color but want to keep the focus on your lips.
Eyes: Consider or a pink- or- peach-toned nude lipstick and similar-toned blush on your cheeks if you want to keep the focus on your eyes.
Cheeks: If your cheeks are your standout feature, play those up with a vibrant blush shade and then look for browns/grays for the eyes and nude or barely-there sheer pink or peach shades on lips. If you want to be more adventurous with the color on your eyes even when you’re playing up your cheekbones, just stick with sheer eye shadow shades.

Finally, take time to visit our shop to sample our beauty makeup products now that you are well informed and don’t forget to leave a review once you have tried our services… Happy shopping! Follow us to learn more…


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