Bio Balance Dermasebum Purifying Cream 55ml


Bio Balance Dermasebum Purifying Cream controls the build-up of excess sebum. Evens out spotty, red skin tone, fights enlarged pores, blackheads, and shine while removing dead tissue from the skin, creating an even, smooth appearance.  It is a powerful moisturizer for the skin, strengthening its natural barrier and increasing its capacity to retain moisture.

Benefits of Bio Balance Dermasebum Purifying Cream:- 

Used daily, you may notice that:

  1. Skin looks fresher and smoother.
  2. Skin is shine free.
  3. Skin is well-moisturized.
  4. Pores seem smaller.
  5. Makeup stays fresher for longer.
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Bio Balance Dermasebum Purifying Cream offers visible results against oily and blemish-prone skin.

How to use Bio Balance Dermasebum Cream:-

After cleansing, gently massage evenly all over the face and neck. To enhance results use twice a day, morning and evening. It is recommended to apply the product regularly.

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