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How to Use a Perfume

How the Heck Do You Use a Perfume?

Perfumes are a darling to many but wait! Trouble starts when you start using them. Just how do you use a perfume, effectively, the right way? Let’s roll and find out…

  1. As damp skin locks in the scent, apply the fragrance straight after showering or bathing and before getting dressed.
  2. Apply the fragrance on your pulse points for a more seductive effect and stronger diffusion. Spray the fragrance from at least 15-20 centimeters from the area of application.
  3. For a more diffused effect, spray the fragrance in the air and walk through it.
  4. Wait until the fragrance has dried down on your skin before smelling it. Rubbing the skin after spraying the perfume will destroy the bond and alter the scent.

Now that you know, lets find out what you can test your new skills with. Aurora Pharaoh Eau de Parfum Spray provides an aromatic spicy fragrance with herbal notes for an active man full of energy and is suitable for everyday wear.

Calvin Klein Obsession For Men Eau de Toilette Spray is a potent, powerful and intensely provocative fragrance. Feel free to browse through the fragrances section for the best scent.

Happy testing!

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