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Junction Trade Center, Accra Road, Nairobi, KENYA


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Things to Consider When Buying Fragrances Online

Buying Fragrances Online?

Things to Consider When Buying Fragrances Online

The perfume you wear can say a lot about you. Some scents are better for casual everyday use, while others may be bolder fragrances that can make an impression on a date or at any other type of social gathering. When you buy designer perfume online, you’ll want to choose the right type of product, the right designer fragrance, and the right place to make your purchase.

What Are the Different Types of Perfumes?

Perfumes come in five main types, which are characterized by the concentration of fragrance oil they contain:

  • Parfums have the highest concentration of perfume oil, typically 20% to 30%. Parfum lasts the longest (all day) and smells the strongest. Also called Pure Perfume / Perfume Extract
  • Eau de Parfum (EDP) is usually 15% to 20% fragrance oil. Eau de Parfum is among the most common types of perfume, and it lasts for around eight hours.
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT) is 5% to 15% perfume oil. It’s quite popular because of how inexpensive it is, and it usually lasts four to seven hours. Most masculine perfumes fall here.
  • Eau de Cologne (EDC) is 3% to 8% fragrance oil. It only lasts for two to three hours, and it’s often applied more heavily.
  • Eau Fraiche is only 1% to 3% perfume oil (often translated as fragrance water) and will last for an hour or two. It has a very light, subtle fragrance and includes body mists and splashes.

Knowing how strong a scent you are looking for and how long-lasting you want it to be can help you decide on which perfume to get.

A Side Note on Perfumes

Feel free to try Christian Dior Perfume for a combination of class and quality. Poison Perfume for the latest addition in perfumes for women. Tabac Original Natural Spray is a unique perfume spray for men.

Are Perfume and Cologne the Same?

No. In everyday language, people usually use “perfume” to refer to a fragrance for women and “cologne” to refer to a scent for men. But when you see those words on a designer fragrance bottle or box, they’re referring to the concentration of scented oil the product contains. The difference in perfume versus cologne is that a scent labeled “perfume” or “parfum” is around 20% to 30% perfume oil, while cologne has a 2% to 8% concentration of oil. At Face and Figure Beauty Solutions, we carry both designer cologne and luxury perfume / fragrances online.

Meaning of Perfume Notes and Scent Families

Designer Fragrances are grouped into four families: floral, oriental, woody, and fresh. Scents in these categories fall into subfamilies, such as mossy wood or soft floral. The fragrance wheel shows how these families and subfamilies are organized. Each family of designer fragrances will tend to incorporate certain notes, the base scents that go into a perfume or cologne. For instance, floral scents often include notes like jasmine and rose, while woody scents may include notes like sandalwood and vetiver.

Most people have favorite designer fragrances family or subfamily, and once you know what that is, you can use this information to find similar scents the person might like. We have every kind of perfume for sale, from fruity to water to dry wood and beyond. Finding a signature scent that works for you at an unbeatable price has never been easier!

Fine Fragrance Mists. What Are They?

These provide that fresh-from-the-shower scent and feel, giving you a subtle but pleasant body scent that’s never overpowering. Their scents are less concentrated than perfumes while also being less expensive. Check our fragrance shop Body Mists category for options like Bath and Body Works Forever Red Fine Fragrance Mist and Victoria Secret Glam Angel Fine Fragrance Mist for cost-effective pleasure.

Scented Candles & Essential Oils

Browse our Scented Candles and Essential Oils to get a glimpse of products you may use for aromatherapy and to spice up your home, work and living spaces.


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