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Tips for Cleansing, Styling & Treating Hair

Below we offer up their tips as they pertain to cleansing your hair, styling it and, finally, treating it.

For the wash-and-go people of the world — or those who tend to wash and style their hair without manipulating heat or protective styling — the leave-in, oil, cream, gel method is likely the way to go. Check out the Sheba Wash n Go Gel from Sheth Naturals from our collection.

Hair Care Oils For Longer, Bouncy Curls

Giving your hair a last-minute dose of moisture can make the difference between smooth, bouncy curls and a disastrous moment of floppiness. Good treatments also help protect and save your hair from future damage like split ends or breakage. A good hydrating or moisturizing treatment will keep your hair looking and feeling healthier for longer and help your hair stay frizz-free for longer.

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