Revlon Foundation Brush


Shop Revlon Foundation Brush and watch creamy foundation and concealer glide on like a dream with our foundation brush, which blends everything beautifully.

Why Buy Revlon Foundation Brush?

  • This does-it-all, flat-head brush works with nearly every type of foundation and concealer: liquids, creams, gels (just not powders)
  • Its tapered head helps blend better in tight spots, like the corners of your nose and eyes
  • Our face makeup brushes have an antibacterial coating to help keep them clean (just in case you slack on washing them)
  • Made with vegan, synthetic bristles that are kind to all skin types
  • Tested by makeup artists
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Seamlessly sweeps on foundation and concealer with Revlon Brush from our selection of Beauty Makeup Accessory Kits and Tools.

How to Use Revlon Foundation Brush:-

  • Place a drop of your foundation or concealer on the back of your hand, then dip the foundation brush into it
  • For foundation, start by sweeping the brush where you need more coverage, like on areas of redness or uneven skin tone, then blend what’s left on the brush over the rest of your skin
  • To apply concealer, gently press the brush into your skin

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