Sheth Naturals Mizizi Vegetable Glycerine 250ml


Mizizi Vegetable Glycerine by Sheth Naturals is extremely water soluble and leaves hair soft and detangled while on skin it is a good anti-aging anti-acne treatment.


Benefits of Sheth Naturals 100% Pure Mizizi Vegetable Glycerine

Attracts water from the atmosphere, bringing moisture to the hair and ultimately improving its moisture retention. It leaves hair soft and detangled, ridding you of dry, thirsty strands.

On skin, it is good for soft skin, anti-aging treatment, toner, moisturizer, cleanser, anti-acne treatment, blackhead treatment, reduce blemishes, soften dry lips and treat mouth ulcers. Other uses include exfoliation of dry skin, treatment of minor burns, treatment of razor burns and diaper rashes.

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