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What Are Creams in Skincare?

Technically a moisturizer, creams are also a blend of oil, water, waxes and beneficial ingredients. However, because creams are usually about a fifty-fifty blend of oil and water, they are thicker than a moisturizing lotion (and more powerful).

How to Choose a Cream

When selecting a cream, the skin-type comes into play and can be attested in the following skincare advice:-

  • Dry Skin (will benefit from a heavier, oil-based moisturizer)
  • Oily Skin (will benefit from lighter, water-based moisturizers)
  • Mature Skin (will benefit from oil-based moisturizers to preserve moisture)
  • Sensitive Skin (will benefit from soothing ingredients, like aloe, that won’t be harsh on the skin)
  • Normal/Combination Skin (will benefit from a lighter, water-based moisturizer)

If you have any questions, please reach out to our skincare experts for further information.